Cornwall Walking Football 

Cornwall Walking Football 


Cornwall Walking Football 

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Welcome to Cornwall Walking Football 

In this site you'll find all the information you need about Walking Football in Cornwall. 

  • What the game's all about 
  • Rules of the game 
  • Where to find a club near you 
  • How to train as a walking football referee
  • Health and wellbeing for Walking footballers and everyone over 50

Please be aware. We are NOT Cornwall FA. We are non profit and set up purely to promote ALL Walking Football in Cornwall, whether FA affiliated and organised or not. 

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News and Updates 

23 Sep 2021

Lanivet WF Festival - Sunday 31st October 2021 11am - 1pm

Please can you let Kev know as soon as possible if you would like to take part in the above Festival which will be played on grass at Lanivat FC to FA Walking Football Rules( This festival is open to all FA affiliated WF Teams) 

 Teams of 6 can be mixed male /female with up to 3 rolling subsWhile the festival is open to all ages However for the more elderly Gentleman there will also be an over 60s Section. -

 Please let me know how many teams you would like to enter (£5 Per Team ) and what section you would like to play in ie Under or  Over 60's Weather will dictate footwear but if dry - moulded soles as opposed to studs

The Wonderful World of Walking Football 

So What Is Walking Football?

Walking football is different to regular Association Football in many ways and is aimed at the over 50’s age group. Many tournaments are now catering exclusively for the over 60’s age group.

It has very specific rules that outlaw all running and allows no contact between players. Over-head height restrictions and indirect free kicks ensure that the sport is played safely with full consideration to the participants’ age.

Teams are either 5 or 6-a-side. As a result of these rules, games are played at a slower pace, thus reducing the threat of pain, discomfort and injury, with players briskly walking through matches. This allows people who have loved the sport all their lives to once again safely get back to playing and also introduces the sport to people who perhaps have never considered playing before.

Rules of the Game and Other Useful Links 

Walking Football Rules....A Bit of a Maze.

There is more than one organisation in Great Britain, claiming to be the sport's governing body. All of them were newly started in different regions as the sport developed and none are more than six or seven years old. In the last couple of years the English FA have also become involved but there are huge regional variations in how 'far along' the game is with regards to leagues and tournaments, Cornwall is a bit late in coming to the party.

Set out below you will find links to some of the organisations who each claim to be the governing body of the game. They all have slightly different systems in place and ideas for taking the sport forward and we in Cornwall can learn from their mistakes and take the best bits they have developed to make us a national force for good in Walking Football.

WF GOVERNANCE UPDATE (Dec19): Both the FA and the IWFF are currently claiming to be the UKs ONLY Walking Football Governing Body. The WFA seem to be keeping our of this tussle but have organised the first ever Walking Football National Cup Competition. 
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Find a Walking Football Club in Cornwall 

Walking Football Clubs in Cornwall 

Here is a list of all the Walking Football Clubs in Cornwall 

Player Health and Wellbeing in Walking Football 

Why Player Welfare Matters 

Health and Wellbeing are important for everyone but especially for the over 50s.

On this page you will find ideas and information to help us stay happy and healthy. 

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