Cornwall Walking Football 

Cornwall Walking Football 


Player Health and Wellbeing in Walking Football 

Why Player Welfare Matters 

Health and Wellbeing are important for everyone but especially for the over 50s.

On this page you will find ideas and information to help us stay happy and healthy. 

We Cannot Stop Ourselves Getting Old But We Can Stop Ourselves From Growing Up 

It's all to easy to sit at home all day and become chair bound and getting physically and emotionally weaker and more isolated. We believe that Walking Football is part of the answer but it takes more than that. 

We all need to be proactive about our health and well being. We are 'fighting the tide' and have to get as physically and mentally tough as we can.

Being of a 'certain age' means that sometimes we find talking about health and emotional wellbeing quite difficult. Below you will find some links to pages which you might find useful. We are not endorsing any sites or products, just giving our wonderful community a choice and voice. 

Getting Over and Preventing Injuries 

We all have pains (no, we're not talking about your kids!). Aches, pains, niggles, ouches, old injuries, arthritis, rheumatics....the list goes on. Think of them as a reminder of a life lived to the full!

Click here to go to the website of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists who will show you exercises which might help. 

Telephone Know How

Do you know your mobile number off by heart? Your home number? Your next of kin's number?

In this age of technology when phones dial numbers at the press of a single button it may not seem necessary to know. But think about this... Imagine that you are out and about and you fall ill, fall over or have an accident. No doubt you'd be glad of some help? Maybe you'll NEED some help or even an ambulance or doctor. If something like this does happen you are probably going to want to let your loved ones know, so that they can help, pick you up or meet you somewhere.  How can you contact them, or have emergency services contact them, if you don't know or don't have their phone number?

So for your own safety and for the peace of mind of your loved ones it's important that you get organised. Here are some things you can do:

Try to memorise both your own number and a loved ones number Write these numbers down and carry them in your wallet or phone Get an emergency bracelet, necklace or key ring made so that you always have it on you Get an app on your smartphone that will remember your number, health conditions and medication (Search for ICE (In Case of Emergency) in the app or play store. 

Stay safe!